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The Andover Companies is committed to providing you with useful information about a wide variety of insurance topics. From tips and guidance on ways to better protect your property to details about our exceptional personal and business insurance products, this library of downloadable information sheets provides you with easy access to valuable insights designed to support you in mitigating a variety of risks and making informed insurance decisions.

About The Andover Companies Information Sheets

Get to Know The Andover Companies

What makes The Andover Companies special? You will learn more about us, our products, and the exceptional support we offer when you need it most by downloading this information sheet. You will also hear from our clients about their experiences working with our insurance professionals.

Cover image for the information PDF about how to use myAndover

How to Use myAndover

If you want to manage your insurance policy online, signing up for myAndover is for you. This online portal makes it easy to view your policies, make a payment, or report a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Download this information sheet to learn how you can gain access to myAndover.

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Personal Insurance Information Sheets

Cover image for downloadable insurance PDF about Superior Home Insurance Protection Plan

Superior Home Insurance Protection Plan

Learn about the three critical coverages automatically included in our Superior Home Insurance Protection Plan. You will also find out that there are several ways to enhance your property coverage and ensure it is customized to your distinct home.

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Cover image for the Personal Umbrella Insurance fact sheet

Personal Umbrella Liability Policy

Are you wondering why you need this extra liability protection? Download the information sheet on Personal Umbrella Insurance and discover how securing this additional insurance policy may provide invaluable financial protection if a liability claim is brought against you, a spouse, or a child living in your home.

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The Andover Companies Home Cyber Protection cover photo

Home Cyber Protection

Personal cyberattacks such as data breaches and cyberbullying are an ever-increasing risk in today's digitally connected world. When you download this information sheet, you will learn about our Home Cyber Protection Coverage and how it can help you respond to and recover from a cyberattack

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Cover photo for Andover Companies Water Damage Information Sheet

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Leaking appliances and burst pipes can bring unwanted water into your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage quickly. When you download the tip sheet on Protecting Your Home from Water Damage, you will discover many simple ways to reduce the likelihood of a water mishap occurring on your property.

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Protecting Your Home From Fire

Homeowners can take many preventive steps to safeguard their property from a fire. Download the Protecting Your Home from Fire tip sheet for a checklist of items to inspect in your home, to learn four leading causes of home fires, and for help creating an emergency escape plan.

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Cover image for Information PDF about preventing ice dams in your home

Protecting Your Home From An Ice Dam

When snow on the roof of your property melts, turns to water, and refreezes, it can sometimes cause an ice dam to form at the roof’s edge. If you want to learn more about this winter nuisance and how you can potentially stop it from happening in the first place, download this information sheet.

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Cover image for the Wood Stove Maintenance Sheet

Proper Use and Maintenance of a Wood-Burning Stove

Installing a wood-burning stove can provide an excellent heat source for your home. However, this eco-friendly alternative may also increase the risk for a home fire if it’s not cared for properly. Get tips on spotting trouble and a helpful checklist on safely operating your wood stove in this downloadable sheet.

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Cover image for information PDF about spring home maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter can cause a lot of damage to your property. So, when this challenging season is near its end, download the Spring Home Maintenance Checklist to help you evaluate your home’s condition and make a list of issues that may require repairs or maintenance.

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Business Insurance Information Sheets

Cover image for the Equipment Breakdown fact sheet

Protecting Your Essential Equipment and Technology

Are you prepared for the financial impact of an unexpected breakdown of critical systems, equipment, or technology? Download this information sheet to learn how adding an endorsement called Equipment Breakdown Coverage may help with the costs of repairing and replacing failed systems if you experience a covered event.

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“I feel comfortable having my insurance with The Andover Companies. I know that if something terrible happens, they will be there to support my family and guide us through the process. Insurance can be confusing, especially when you have multiple policies, but they have simplified the details so we can understand everything easily!”

Bianca and Ray L.

“As small-business owners, we have always chosen to place our Businessowners Policy with The Andover Companies. Their product offerings are comprehensive, and their rates are competitive. Most importantly, we feel they have always done right in protecting us. We confidently recommend Andover and are grateful for the relationship we share.”

Lindsey S.

“The Andover Companies service team is professional, personable, and extremely helpful. We’ve had our homeowners insurance with The Andover Companies for over six years and are happy to have recently added our secondary home with them in another New England state. I highly recommend insuring with them.”

Craig G.

“You can truly understand the value of your home insurance when you have a claim. My husband and I experienced firsthand how easy it was to work with The Andover Companies. A tree fell on our property, blocking the driveway. We submitted a claim with Andover and within days had a check in hand to reimburse us for the tree removal. The process was seamless.”

Lisa and Ted R.


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