Spring Home Maintenance in Two Easy Steps

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So, what exactly should your annual spring home maintenance checkup entail?
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When the days get consistently milder and the sunlight sticks around a little longer in the afternoon, it’s a strong sign that spring is close at hand. Most of us in the Northeast look forward to this change of seasons. However, for homeowners springtime signals there may be work to do around their properties to clean up any winter damage and prepare for the warmer days ahead. Executing a spring home maintenance checkup should hopefully make any necessary repairs easier and help you keep smaller issues from turning into bigger, costlier ones.

So, what exactly should your annual spring home maintenance checkup entail? We’ve created a downloadable checklist that explains how to tackle some of the most important to-dos in just two steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your property to identify signs of trouble.
  2. Make a list of issues you observe and decide if these concerns require professional assistance or if taking care of them on your own is safe.

Reading the information in this checklist will also provide you with the following insights:

  • 10 areas of your property that should be thoroughly inspected.
  • How to uncover signs that trouble might be lurking.
  • What to do if you encounter an issue.
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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Downloading these tips should make it easier for you to take stock of the condition of your home and property, discover any problems, and devise a plan to remedy them.

Download the tip sheet

It is important to note that not all spring home maintenance and repair projects may be safe to attempt yourself—even if you’re the handiest person in the neighborhood.

For example, if you notice any unusual noises or odors coming from your HVAC system, you should immediately call an experienced technician. The same goes if you notice any cracks or visible shifts in your home’s foundation or other structures on your property, like the garage. This type of issue requires immediate expert attention.

Taking the time to perform spring home maintenance tasks each year should go a long way toward helping you keep your property looking great. Of course, even well-maintained properties are vulnerable to surprise incidents. Planning for unexpected events is another important part of home ownership, so springtime might also be a good time to conduct an annual checkup of your home insurance with your local insurance professional. Knowing you have the appropriate coverage if you have a claim can bring real peace of mind.

For more homeowner prevention and safety tips, including how to protect your home from kitchen fires and how to look for signs of water damage in your bathroom, check out The Andover Companies blog. We are dedicated to helping you take good care of one of your most important investments.


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