This photo is of a couple playing with their dog in their apartment and represents renters insurance from The Andover Companies.


Provides peace of mind to renters that their belongings are protected and that they have personal liability coverage. Available exclusively through an independent insurance agent near you.

The average renter has a home filled with belongings that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. A smart, easy, and inexpensive way to protect your personal items is to invest in Renters Insurance from The Andover Companies.

This photo is a woman writing on a box because she is moving and represents renters insurance from The Andover Companies.


A landlord’s property insurance policy generally covers losses to the apartment, house, condo, or another type of building they are leasing. However, it is left up to each individual renter to obtain protection for their personal belongings. In addition, renters can face financial consequences if an injury occurs to a visitor inside their home or if they must move out of their home and temporarily relocate due to an unforeseen loss. The Andover Companies Renters Insurance solution provides important property and liability protection that usually fills in where a landlord’s coverage leaves off.

The Andover Companies Renters Insurance policy typically includes the following coverages:
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments to Others
This is a photo of friends having fun and laughing and represents renters insurance from The Andover Companies.


There are several optional endorsements that can be added to The Andover Companies Renters Insurance Policy and may enhance your property and liability protection. Some of the important add-on coverages you can ask your local independent insurance agent to explain include:

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“I feel comfortable having my insurance with The Andover Companies. I know that if something terrible happens, they will be there to support my family and guide us through the process. Insurance can be confusing, especially when you have multiple policies, but they have simplified the details so we can understand everything easily!”

Bianca and Ray L.

“The Andover Companies service team is professional, personable, and extremely helpful. We’ve had our homeowners insurance with The Andover Companies for over six years and are happy to have recently added our secondary home with them in another New England state. I highly recommend insuring with them.”

Craig G.

“You can truly understand the value of your home insurance when you have a claim. My husband and I experienced firsthand how easy it was to work with The Andover Companies. A tree fell on our property, blocking the driveway. We submitted a claim with Andover and within days had a check in hand to reimburse us for the tree removal. The process was seamless.”

Lisa and Ted R.


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